How To Save More Money With The Zero Day Challenge


Read to learn how to save more money with the zero day money challenge. #savingschallenge #personalfinancejunkieAllow me to introduce you to a fun new money challenge: The Zero Day Challenge.

Improving your personal finances can be a drag if you don’t infuse some fun every now and then. That is why I frequently participate in money challenges.

So when I found The Zero Day Challenge at I knew I had to give it a go!

Besides, part of being a Personal Finance Junkie is conducting new and exciting experiments with your money.

The Zero Day Challenge is perfect for anyone who wants (or NEEDS) to save more money.

Overspending can sabotage your personal finance goals.  It doesn’t matter how much money you earn if you never learn how to control your spending.

The Zero Day Challenge is a fun and easy way to control your spending and learn how to build better saving habits.

I decided to participate in the challenge for three consecutive months to see if I could increase the number of zero days I am able to get month over month.

Since I already manage my money with Personal Capital, I knew that tracking my spending would be a breeze!

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What Is The Zero Day Challenge

The Zero Day Challenge is like a Spending Fast minus the pressure.

Read to learn how to save more money with the zero day money challenge. #savingschallenge #personalfinancejunkieWhen you go on a Spending Fast the goal is to not spend any money AT ALL.

That is a great goal but the problem is a lot of people tend to give up on the fast once they fall off the wagon.

All it takes is one bad day to blow your spending fast and send you into a manic spending frenzy. Drop mic. Fast over.

The goal of the Zero Day Challenge on the other hand is to spend zero dollars as many days as possible in a month. Every day that you don’t spend any money counts as a “ZERO DAY”.

The more zero days you have at the end of the month the more money you will save and the more superior you will feel to all of your friends who spend every dime they earn.

If you happen to have a bad day and decide you MUST give in to a Starbucks craving, then yes that day is a bust but you can still be a huge success and save lots of money the rest of the month.

That’s it. You can do a Zero Day Challenge every month for a whole year if you like.

Try to increase the number of ZERO DAYS you have month over month and watch your savings account get fatter!

How To Start Your Own Zero Day Challenge Next Month (The Easy Way)

1. Track Your Spending

Prepare to use a money management program such as (free), Quicken, Personal Capital (free), or your banking app may do the trick.

David, the creator of the zero day challenge and blogger at has a spreadsheet that you can download to keep track of your spending over at his site.

If you love a good spreadsheet and have the time to update it regularly then I recommend you use it.

If you are super busy like I am but still want to participate in the challenge, then I recommend using an money management app or site to track your spending.

Money money management software will provide an overview of your income and spending.

For example, check out this really quick video on some the cool stats you can get from Personal Capital’s cash flow dashboard.

2. Create A Visual To Track Your Progress

Download a printable calendar (or create your own visual) to keep track of your zero days.

I don’t know about you but a great visual can always get me going! Download a regular calendar and make it fun by X’ing out, writing “ZD”, coloring or placing stickers on the days that are your zero days.

See how many zero days you can accomplish in a row.

If you are the creative type then make your own visual to hang on your refrigerator and keep you motivated.

3. Enjoy Your Success

Watch your savings account get fatter!

So again, the entire purpose of the Zero Day Challenge is to help you build the savings habit. Theoretically the more zero days you have the more money you should save. The more money you save the faster you will reach your personal finance goals.

Get started today and let me know how it goes in the comments or go “LIKE” my Facebook page now so you can keep me updated there.

Other Resources To Help You Spend Less and Have Fun With Money

Besides being fun, participating in money challenges is a great way to stay motivated on your personal finance journey.

I am always looking for fun and effective money challenges to help me manage my money better, earn more, save more or invest better.

The Personal Capital website and iPhone app are the #1 tools I use to stay on track with my spending and saving goals.

Do you have any experience with spending fasts or freezes? How do you think the Zero Day Challenge compares?