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Follow my student loan journey as I pay off over $100k student loan debt. Getting out of debt is hard work...here's how I'm doing it. #personalfinancejunkieWelcome to my fifth student loan update.

If you are new here…every other month I write a review of my student loan progress to (a) hold myself accountable and (b) share my journey with you.

These updates can difficult to write due to the ridiculously large amount (six whopping figures) of student loan debt I have.

But, I know that one day when I reach my goal of becoming 100% debt free I will be happy that I embarked on this CRAZY journey.

You can see exactly what over $100k in student loan debt got me in my first student loan update.

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Now on to the update.

Private – Student Loan 1: $8,000.00 @ 0%

Subsidized – Student Loan 2: $49,262.00 @ 5.875%

Unsubsidized – Student Loan 3: $69,843.00 @ 5.875%

Total Student Loan Debt: $127,105.00

Last Student Loan Update:  $128,542.00

Difference: -$1437.00

Like last update, once I sat down and looked at the numbers I was very disappointed with my progress.

I haven’t reached my stride yet.

I am still missing the momentum needed to make huge dents in serious debt.

Every update I ask myself WHY.

This month I was reminded of a really good book that I read while in college called THE POWER OF FOCUS.

The Power of Focus discusses the #1 reason why people don’t get what they want in life (in my case it is better results paying off my student loans).

That reason is they lack FOCUS.

How does this apply to me and my loans (and perhaps you and whatever you are trying to accomplish)?

The reality is when our attention is spread too thin everything suffers.

I’ve prioritized so many things over getting out of debtwork, my son, blogging, writing my next book, other people’s needs, etc.

Yes, it is true that some of the things I named MUST be priorities but I know that I could be more intentional about making my debt a higher priority.

Here’s what I plan to do moving forward:

  1. I want to re-read The Richest Man In Babylon (my favorite personal finance book) to get motivated.
  2. Re-visit some of the lessons I learned in my favorite budgeting course to see if there is a way I can improve my budget.
  3. Revise my budget to squeeze more money out of it to allocate to my student loans.
  4. Continue to focus on earning extra income.

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Final Thoughts

Getting out of debt is hard work. It takes strategy, the right mindset, and FOCUS.

Buy The Power Of Focus on Amazon to learn more about how to improve all areas of your life by increasing your focus.

Order from my affiliate link here (Power Of Focus book on Amazon) and I will earn something like 40 cents! Woo Hooo!!! Every penny counts right?

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