Have Less Stress In 2018 With These 8 Essential Items


Stress relief. Stress relief gifts. How to relieve stress naturally. Things that relieve stress. Stress relief gift guide. Techniques to relieve stress from a pro. #stressrelief #mentalhealth #personalfinancejunkieThis awesome resource guide will help you relieve stress and anxiety naturally. I am reviewing the top eight things that I use to relieve stress in my everyday life.

As a single mom with a super busy work schedule, six-figure student loan debt and several side-hustles to manage, I know a thing or two about how to relieve stress.

Get one or all of these items for yourself and/or the ones you Love (they are all super affordable). 

This year I am gifting The Secret Gratitude Book to my colleagues (don’t worry, I saved up to buy these gifts…a girl is not trying to go broke this Christmas).

In 2017 I practiced mindful gratitude as a means of relieving stress using The Secret Gratitude Book and it worked great!

I also used The Freedom Journal to boost my gratitude and accomplish my number #1 goal in 100 days.

Now on to the gift guide!

7 Things To Relieve Stress Naturally

1. The Secret Gratitude Journal

This journal is a companion to the book The Secret but it does not have to be used with The Secret. I use it as a way to express gratitude daily. Many studies have shown that increasing gratitude decreases worry and stress. Practicing gratitude will also lay a foundation for you to receive many more blessings.

2. Yoga For Stress Relief

If you are new to yoga then this DVD is hands down my #1 recommendation for you. I have tried lots of yoga DVDs and I will be honest, many of them KICKED my butt and I was sore after the workout (if I even was able to get through it). You will not experience that with Yoga For Stress ReliefThe sequences in this DVD is appropriate for beginners and they will leave you feeling calm and stress free.

3. Essential Oil Diffuser

This oil diffuser is a small, stylish option that will fit in with almost any decor. It has 14 different colors (if you account for the dim and light settings) to adjust to your various moods. It only takes a few drops of your essential oils to create a relaxing environment. It comes with an auto on/off feature. Essential oils must be purchased separately.

4. Healing Essential Oils – For Your Diffuser

The healing essential oils that come in this pack include a blend of various oils designed to create a relaxed and calm mental state. The oils include lavender, peppermint, bergamot, patchouli, ylang-ylang, organe, tea tree and lemon. These oil blends smell great and are not too strong. The scent from the oils also seem to last throughout an entire work day.

5. Aromatherapy Mist To Relieve Stress

This calming mist can be used as a room or a body spray. It is 100% safe for the skin as it is hypoallergenic and all ORGANIC. It contains patchouli and bergamot essential oils and zero chemicals. Stress and anxiety will melt away seconds after you spray it and take a few deep breaths.

6. Waterproof Stress Relief Glove

The waterproof stress relief hand massager glove is one of my favorite things to relieve stress. It provides quick relief from sore, tense muscles. You can use it on your legs, shoulders, back, neck and even your feet for a quick massage. You can use it on yourself of have someone else give you an amazing massage. This massager helps to relive anxiety and some digestive difficulties. 


7. Warming Gel For Muscle Relaxation

This warming gel is an organic cream that soothes and relaxes your muscles. It can be used just to provide a warm, relaxing sensation or as a massage cream. You can apply it after work and it will take all of your stress away. It does not contain any dyes, parabens or harmful fragrances. Only a small amount of product is required for each use.


8. Yogi Calming Tea

Yogi Calming Tea is a delicious, natural tea that eases tension and promotes peace and tranquility. It is caffeine free and contains several ingredients that support the nervous system. It is an herbal tea that encourages relaxation.

Quick Stress Relief Techniques From A Pro

Learn quick pressure points you can activate to relieve stress instantly.

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What other unique gift ideas can you think of for stress relief?  How do you relieve stress?