7 Habits For Financial Freedom From 7 Money Experts


Money habits that make a difference! Get 7 perspectives on how to build better money habits. You know you need to break your bad money habits. But why?

Here’s the truth, you are the sum of your habits.

It is important to break bad money habits because every poor financial decision you make today will slowly and quietly snowball until one day you wake up and find yourself entangled in a huge financial mess!

You may already be in the middle of a mess that your past habits created. If that is the case, don’t worry…developing and practicing good habits from now on will ensure a better financial future.

Whether your goal is to build wealth, achieve financial freedom, save $1,000, or save $100,000 the key to achieving your goals is to get rid of your bad money habits and replace them with better money habits, starting TODAY!

Here are six articles and a video that address the topic of identifying bad money habits or improving your existing money habits. (Click the article titles to read). Enjoy!

1. This Money Habit Makes All the Difference

“Planning ahead is hard when you’re broke. But planning ahead may be the best way to stop being broke and start building a solid financial future.”

This article addresses the habit of planning for your financial future instead of simply hoping things work out. Read to discover how to define “financial health” and how to ease your money worries that prevent you from getting ahead financially.

2. 5 Tiny Business Habits That Will Make Your Small Business More Money

“Multi-tasking won’t always help your business grow. So, for the entrepreneurs who are just starting: Start small. Don’t try to do everything at once. Instead, focus on developing good habits you can fall back on later.”

This is a quick read that gives you five practical tips for growing your small business. Not a business owner? These tips can also be applied to everyday living, and would prove to be especially helpful on the job.

3. The Awful Truth About Your Teen’s Buying Habits That Could Predict Their Credit Score

“Clearly, lots of kids aren’t ready to plan ahead (beyond their next burrito) and responsibly handle a recurring billing arrangement. In other words, lack of planning, budgeting savvy, and spendthrift habits could spell trouble for a child’s financial future.”

Being the mom of a teenaged son, I was really interested in this article. It covers a study that Bill Dwight, creator of FamZoo, a family money management system conducted to analyze teens’ spending patterns. Read to discover his findings and suggestions.

4. 5 Money-Saving Habits Every Shopper Should Master

This video advises you to use an app such as Shoptagr to help find sales on items that you already plan to purchase at your favorite stores. It suggests shopping this way could help you save money.

5. 7 Toxic Spending Habits That Are Affecting Your Family

“If you’re single, you’re likely only hurting yourself with your bad money habits. But if you have a family, your financial missteps can impact your spouse and kids. Unfortunately, you might not even be aware of the damage you’re doing.”

Learn the 7 toxic spending habits you should avoid to keep you family finances nice and healthy! Another quick read filled with practical tips.

6. 5 Habits That Stop You From Building Your Savings

“The extent to which a person is able to save depends largely on their attitude towards money and not how much they earn.”

I LOVE that quote! Read the article for more wisdom and sound savings advice.

7. How To Improve Your Personal Finances – Breaking Bad Habits And Creating Brand New Ones

“One of the many problems encountered in successful financial management is the fact that many people don’t understand how important it really is to place some cash aside for later use.”

Learn four quick and easy strategies to improve your finances starting today.

What is your top money habit? Share in the comments below.

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