5 Little Known Ways To Make Money Online


5 little known ways to make money online. Get passive income ideas, side income ideas, income ideas and tips, work at home jobs.

Have you ever wondered how to make money online?

Enterprising individuals everywhere are starting to discover multiple ways to earn money online by starting small internet-based businesses that lead to viable side-hustles or even full time earning opportunities.

The internet is a powerful tool and you can learn how to do practically anything you want to do on it.  So, the competition is fierce but, there are still tons of ways to make good money online.

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To start earning online however,  you will have to take the time to research the right opportunities, learn from the experts in your chosen area and execute what you learn to the best of your ability.

If you are not convinced that you can earn a serious living online or at least create a decent second or third income stream for yourself, keep reading to learn about five little known ways that you can start making money online sooner than later.

1. Sell Photos

If you are even remotely interested in photography, why not make money doing something you enjoy doing anyway? If you already have a portfolio of photos you can start selling them on sites like DepositPhotos, Shutterstock, and iStockPhoto.

These are probably the biggest photo platforms but I’m sure with a little research you will find that there are tons of other platforms that you can submit your work to as well.

You will find lots of competition in this area but if you can get the ball rolling it will be well worth the effort as you can generate royalty earnings from your photos for years to come.

Once you submit your photos with a good description people who search for professional photos to use in their work on the above mentioned site may buy your work while you sit back and collect the royalties.

2. Create Courses on Udemy

Think of some things you can do that other people would pay to learn how to do. Think about how you would teach other people how to do those things. What are the specific steps involved?

If you were able to come up with responses for those questions then you can create a course to sell on Udemy.

Udemy is a platform that allows people who have specialized knowledge to build and sell courses. You can learn how to do virtually anything on Udemy.

They have courses on everything from drawing cute cartoon characters to web design using Adobe Illustrator so if you are thinking you don’t have any knowledge that other people would be willing to pay for you are wrong!

Yes, they even have courses on how to make money online.

If you still think selling courses is not for you I would encourage you to take one of the courses so you can get a good idea of what would be expected from you content wise before ruling it out.

They even have some free courses that you can check out although, the paid courses might be more comparable to the type of course you would be expected to design if you want to earn money through their platform.

Watch the video below to see just how much money some people are making online with Udemy courses.

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3. Write and Publish E-Books

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If you enjoy writing and can move people with your words then the best way to make money online for you might be to start writing and publishing ebooks.

Speaking as someone who has written and published an ebook on Amazon’s platform, Kindle Direct Publishing, I can tell you it takes a lot of work in the beginning (before any money starts rolling in) but it is worth the effort if you write a quality book on a topic that people are interested in.

Full disclosure: if you choose to make your money online through self-publishing, writing your book is only the beginning. Starting out you will also learn a lot more about the best writing software to use, constructing a book launch, marketing your book, and more.

There is a ton of information available on the internet that explains the process of writing and publishing ebooks as well as traditional books. In fact, there is so much information that it may become overwhelming to digest and figure out exactly where to start.

You can definitely earn more money on the side through ebooks if you follow the right advice. Download my beginner’s guide to self-publishing to get the resources I personally use.

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4. Start A T-Shirt Business

Starting a t-shirt business may sound difficult but with so many different t-shirt making platforms at your disposal, there really isn’t a reason NOT to start a t-shirt business. Think about it, t-shirts are always in demand, you can have fun by getting creative with your designs and the start up costs are super low!

With resources like Shopify’s t-shirt generator and Amazon’s Merch by Amazon program, getting started could not be easier.

Blogger, Pauline Cabrera identified 7 reasons to start a t-shirt business and goes into detail about the benefits of earning money with your own t-shirt business on her popular blog twelveskip.com.

5. Start A Blog

Blogs are fun to read and informative but did you know that they can be cash cows too!? I think most people see blogging as a hobby but there are tons of people earning serious money online via blogging.

If you don’t know what you would blog about consider some of the most common reasons people start blogging:

  • To help people
  • To market or promote something
  • To document their life journey
  • To establish themselves as an expert in a field
  • To make money

You should also consider some of the ways people monetize their blogs:

  • Offer coaching or other services
  • Create and sell online courses
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Pay per click advertising
  • Sell ad space
  • Sell your own digital product
  • Accept sponsored posts

If you want to find your voice, become a better writer, share your ideas with the world AND earn more money on the side then blogging might be right for you. Blogging can even make you a much better person.

Check out this infographic on the steps to getting started with your blogging empire.

 Make Money Online

Source: http://blogging.org/blog/how-to-make-money-blogging/

Ready to get started making money online? What are you going to do? Comment in the section below!

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