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Earn money with this Ibotta referral code. Get the $10 bonus now. #ibotta #personalfinancejunkieRight now you can earn an easy $10 sign-up bonus with Ibotta referral code OKMSKSD.

Last year I was introduced to Ibotta by a co-worker and I jumped in head first!

My co-worker showed me how she earned over $1200 using the Ibotta app to shop for items that I would normally buy anyway.

That is when I decided I had to give it a try.

Once I signed up (using my co-worker’s referral code) AND submitted my first receipt, I immediately earned $10…and so did she!

It was really that easy.

Below I will give you three reasons why I LOVE using the Ibotta app and why I think you will too.


Here are the top three reasons why I love using the Ibotta app when I shop.

1. Ibotta is fun and easy to use.

I am always looking for resources that help to save money AND are easy to use. Ibotta has both of these bases covered!

You can get started earning money with Ibotta in five easy steps:

  1. Join Ibotta and get your $10 welcome bonus.
  2. Download the Ibotta app on your cell phone.
  3. Click the store you want to shop at (over 250 participating stores).
  4. Click on the items you want to purchase.
  5. Once you get home use the app to take a photo of your receipt!

Once you start using Ibotta you will be hooked! There are so many ways to earn money using the app.

Here are some tips on how you can earn over $1000 this year with Ibotta:

  • Use the app every time you shop
  • Build up your team by sharing your referral code with your friends (if you JOIN TODAY you will be added to my team and can see how much I earn)
  • Unlock the monthly bonuses by completing the fun challenges
  • Use promo codes to earn special rebates and bonuses

2. Ibotta gives you cash back on things you would buy anyway!

Use the search feature in Ibotta to earn money on the products you love and buy regularly.

Browse featured products to earn money for trying new products.

With several categories to shop including groceries, alcohol, pharmacy, clothing, beauty, restaurants, electronics and travel you will discover MULTIPLE ways to earn money on everyday purchases.

Aside from shopping, Ibotta offers several other ways to earn money. Here are just a few:

  • Referral bonuses – earn a small commission when you get a friend to sign up using your referral code
  • Teamwork bonuses – earn money when your team members make qualifying purchases (if you sign up today I will become a part of your team)
  • Bonuses for featured products – click on “bonuses” to discover products that will net you even MORE money
  • Watch product videos – earn more for watching a short video about a product
  • Complete short surveys – get extra money for answering a couple questions about products (for example a question could be what is your favorite OREO flavor?)

3. You can earn extra money with your very own Ibotta referral code.

Once you join Ibotta and collect your welcome bonus you can start building your very own IBOTTA TEAM.

You can see how much your team members are earning and encourage them to earn more.

Your team can also help you earn more money by completing the monthly challenges.

You can easily earn an extra $100 each month with Ibotta.

Here are just a few things you could possibly do with an extra $100 each month:

  • Get out of debt faster
  • Add extra money to your emergency fund
  • Splurge on luxury items that you’ve cut out of your budget
  • Pay for a course that you have been wanting to take
  • Save up for bigger purchases
  • Add a little extra to your retirement fund

Personally, I have been using the extra income from Ibotta to pay for my son’s extra-curricular activities.

You know, children are expensive and every little bit of money earned helps!


As a Personal Finance Junkie I always look for ways to earn and save money and I share the most effective methods I find with you.

Ibotta has been one of the easiest ways that I have found to earn extra money on the side effortlessly.

If you can remember to snap a picture of your receipt after shopping, then I am pretty sure that you can earn over $1000 on the side this year with Ibotta.

Use Ibotta referral code OKMSKSD to get a $10 welcome bonus (and I will receive a $10 bonus as a “thanks” for referring you).

Did you enjoy my review on the Ibotta app? If so, leave a comment below or share this article. Happy earning!