How To Use The Internet To Manage Your Finances


Would you like to get rich quick?

Well me too, but the truth is it’s probably not going to happen for either one of us.

The good news is…we can probably get rich slowly and relatively easily just by following one golden rule.

Golden Rule: Spend less than you earn!

Ok, now that we have the rules of the game out of the way I am going to teach you how to use the internet to manage your hard earned riches.

Who Should Use The Internet

The internet is perfect for all of us personal finance junkies who want to maximize our personal wealth by making every penny count.

As you know, building wealth doesn’t happen overnight (i.e. get rich quick). It takes planning and discipline.

When you plan to spend less than you earn and invest your money in savings, stocks, real estate, etc. the natural outcome is a big, fat increased net-worth (i.e. you get richer).

The greater your net-worth, the richer you are.

Remember: When you spend every penny you earn (regardless of how much you earn), you will never get rich!

how to manage finances on the internet

How To Manage Your Finances Using The Internet

The tables below give you a variety of resources you can use to manage your finances online.

Spend less than you earn and use the tools that I suggest to manage your finances and watch your riches grow over time!

✓ Manage (And Improve) Your Financial Picture

Task Description Online Resource
Get A Handle On Your Debt and Review Your Credit Get Your FREE Credit Report & Credit Score
Get Lower Intrest Rates Shop For Better Banking and Credit Rates,,
Plan For Retirement Map Out How Much You Need To Retire Comfortably
Protect Your Assets Make Sure You Are Properly Insured


✓ Create Your Budget

Task Description Online Resource
Create A Monthly Budget (Free) Update Your Budget Monthly Online And/Or Using The Phone App
Create A Budget AND Automatically Link Your Accounts (Free) Create Your Budget And Track Your REAL Spending Habits


✓ Get FREE Financial Advice

Task Description Online Resource
Increase Your Financial Literacy Access A Step-By-Step Guide For Managing Your Money
Increase Your Financial Literacy A Large Portal Of Financial Advice


✓ Track Your Net-Worth

Task Description Online Resource
Crunch Your Numbers! Online Net-Worth Calculator
Track Your Net-Worth Automatically Get Your Updated Net-Worth Automatically When You Link Your Accounts
Track Your Net-Worth Automatically Get Your Updated Net-Worth Automatically When You Link Your Accounts


✓ Track Your Investments

Task Description Online Resource
Track Your Investments (FREE) Track And Analyze All Of Your Investments In One Place!

If you try any of these tools and love them be sure to stop back and tell me about your experience in the comment section below.

If you try any of these tools and hate them…sorry…but still come back and let me know what worked better for you. 🙂

Did I miss anything? What other online tools do you use to manage your finances?

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