Sound The Bell School’s Out + A Really Cool Giveaway!


Enter the ultimate financial freedom giveaway for a chance to win 7 awesome prizes! I love this time of the year!

In my line of work (education) the month of June is like that final sprint across the finish line after a long, hard race (not that I’ve ever ran long…or hard).

Let me rephrase, I imagine people who actually run feel the same exhilaration and sense of accomplishment when they finish races as I do when I finish a school year.

This year I sent my eighth graders off to conquer the next four years of high school with plenty of fervor as the song, Celebration by Kool & The Gang blasted the school’s gym at the close of the promotion ceremony.

As the song played, I was doing a dignified side-step, clap combo (because I’m classy) but in my mind I was doing this…

Don’t get me wrong, I love the kids and I am going to miss them but their moving on to the next level in their lives signifies a few very important things for me as well like…

(a) I get to start my summer break soon
(b) I don’t have to wake up earlier than a rooster for exactly 21 days straight and
(c) I crushed survived yet another school year!

Now, I believe those are reasons to celebrate!

Because I’m in such a good mood I decided to spread my joy and host my very first…


Image result for giveaway meme

(Feel free to start doing the above pictured dance now)

Here are the details:

One lucky winner will win SEVEN awesome prizes to help jump-start their journey to financial freedom! So enter today and tell all of your friends because every time one of your friends enter (through the link you will get after you enter) you get FIVE additional chances to win!

If you don’t like giveaways but really want the cool resources, I’ve complied an easy to access list of all of the prizes for this giveaway on Amazon! Click here to get them now.

If you do like giveaways then get to entering on the form below (before time runs out) and good luck!

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