Drastically Improve Your Finances & Win With Money!


Read these personal finance tips and learn how to drastically improve your personal finances. Budgeting and earning more money. #personalfinancejunkieThere is a little secret every Personal Finance Junkie knows that can drastically improve your finances.

It works no matter how large or small your income is.

It is so simple that even if you heard it before you probably underestimated its effectiveness.

It’s side effects can include reduced stress and anxiety over money, less money related arguments in your household, and overall financial peace.

This secret is an effective, systematic approach that you can count on.

It takes practice and discipline to implement, especially when you first get started.

The rewards will outweigh your effort.

So what is this secret?

It is simply this:

If you are not happy with your financial situation…

  1. Create a written budget (and revise it every month).
  2. FOLLOW your budget.
  3. Work on ways to earn more money.
  4. Repeat.

Now, I am sure that I did not just tell you anything new. You already know this strategy. But, are you LIVING it?

Most people aren’t.

This is why I call it a secret.

I talk to dozens of people weekly; old friends, work friends, cyber friends and only a very small percentage of them are living on a monthly, written budget AND actively seeking ways to increase their income (even though they complain about being stressed about money.

You see, if you want to DRASTICALLY improve your finances you can’t just do these things when the mood strikes. If you do, you are sending a message to the universe that you don’t REALLY care about winning with money.

If you follow these simple steps day after day and month after month persistently then you will send the message that you are serious about getting your finances in order and the universe will respond favorably.

Once you commit to this strategy you will transform your finances for the better.

The strategy works because it forces you to control the money you have while requiring you to learn how to earn more money.

If you only work on learning to control the money you have (budget) and neglect to find ways to earn more then your financial situation will not improve drastically because your income will not grow.

Similarly, if you only work on earning more money but never learn how to budget then your finances will not drastically improve because you will continue to spend every penny you earn.

In other words, you have to consistently work on budgeting AND earning to make drastic improvements to your finances.

How I Started Improving My Finances

Here are some of the ways that I learned to use this strategy in my own personal finance journey (remember, my finances aren’t perfect…I still have tons of student loan debt but I have made significant progress since implementing this “SECRET”):

  1. I took a budgeting course called, Budgeting For Budget Haters.
  2. I took a grocery budgeting course.
  3. I keep track of my income, debt and investments for FREE with Personal Capital.
  4. Self-Publishing School taught me how to make passive income selling books on Amazon. Read my Self-Publishing School Review HERE.
  5. I learned how to start a money making blog at Create And Go.
  6. Michelle Schroeder (a blogger who earns $100k/mth with her blog) taught me how to earn more money blogging with her course Making Sense Of Affiliate Marketing.

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If you are looking to drastically improve your personal finances you must learn how to control your current income with a monthly budget while discovering new ways to earn more money.

If you aren’t sure how to do that you can learn by reading budgeting books, books to earn more money and/or taking courses.

There is also tons of free information available on the internet to teach you these things if you have the time to do the research and determine what information is helpful and what you should ignore.

I also share everything that has worked for me here at Personal Finance Junkie…you can subscribe to get weekly updates and exclusive content sent to you via email!

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