3 Valuable Life-Lessons I Learned From Writing A Book


Thinking about writing a book? DON'T...until you read the surprising life-lessons I learned writing my first book. #writeabook #personalfinancejunkieWhen I decided to write my first book, Financial Fitness I never thought I would also learn valuable LIFE-lessons along the way!

It all started about a decade ago when I created a dream board as part of a lesson I was doing in my 6th grade classroom.

I wanted to teach my students about success principles including goal-setting, visualization and perseverance.

Part of the lesson required my students to create their very own dream board.

I spent the entire weekend prior to teaching the first part of the lesson creating my own dream board so that the kids would have a real-life example to get them started.

FUN FACT: I still have that same dream board hanging on my bedroom door today.

One of the goals that I listed on my dream board was to WRITE A BOOK.

Some other goals included:

  • a specific hair-length goal,
  • a goal about finding love and marriage,
  • having a million dollar net-worth,
  • traveling the world,
  • owning a pick-up truck AND a sports car one day
  • having a personal chef and a house keeper (don’t judge)

As I achieve each goal or dream I place a sticker next to it as a visual reminder that my dreams are coming true and my hard work is paying off.

Recently I was able to add another sticker…right next to PUBLISHED AUTHOR.

Every time I accomplish a goal I feel like I grow a little stronger, wiser and more confident. This goal was no exception!

What was surprising however, is I learned several important lessons on my journey to become a first time, self-published author.

Here’s what I learned…

#1. Done is better than perfect

I’ve heard this saying many times before and I thought I understood it…until going through the process of writing and publishing a book.

Naturally, I’m a bit of a perfectionist which can be an asset at times but it can also be a crippling weakness if left unchecked.

I actually finished writing my book about two months before I got the courage to publish it. I kept thinking that it was not good enough and I needed to make it better.

One morning I woke up and reminded myself of the title and premise behind one of my favorite books, “Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway” by Dr. Susan Jeffers. That little thought was all I needed to go ahead and hit publish.

If you are “sitting” on something that you’ve created due to a fear of it not being good enough, feel the fear and do it anyway! Done is better than perfect. Do the best you can and get your work out to the world.

Dane Maxwell said it best: “Your job is not to judge yourself. Your job is to do the work, release it and let others decide if it is valuable or not.”

#2. Be quick or be dead

In the Army, you learn that there are only two types of people “the quick and the dead.”

What this means is you don’t want to get behind the curve or you might find yourself in a less than desirable position. When you are presented with an opportunity, you have to strike while the iron is hot! Procrastination is the enemy of success.

I had an opportunity to achieve my goal of writing a book in the past along with an awesome and talented group of people.

Instead of working on my book diligently like my cohorts I decided to procrastinate until one day I looked up and they were all done and celebrating and I was left for dead!

When I was presented with the opportunity this time around I knew that I had to do things differently.

I worked hard every day until completion whether I felt like it or not and that’s how you get ‘er done!

#3. Build your own assets

Writing my own book I was reminded of the importance of investing your money in the right things.

In order to produce a book I had to invest in courses in publishing and marketing, as well as pay for editing, formatting, and design services.

The money I invested in the production of this project was money well spent because (a) now I have an asset that I can sell for all of eternity and (b) the knowledge I gained will pay dividends as I complete other projects in the future.

When you build assets this way and you continue to invest in your own personal development as well as help others, you will be able to reach your personal finance goals much faster.

If you want to write your own book one day, I created the PERFECT 31-Day Guide To Write And Publish Your First Book (click the link to download it for FREE).


I am happy that I was able to reach my goal of writing a book and I am currently working on publishing my second book, 101 Money Questions For Couples.

This project is also teaching me a lot about life (more than I expected) so expect a summary of those lessons soon!

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