Top 10 Personal Finance Junkie Blog Posts Of 2017


Lessons learned from my 1st year of blogging. #bloggingtips #startablog #personalfinancejunkieWow, I can’t believe Personal Finance Junkie is 1 year old already!

She’s still a baby, but she is growing up for sure.

She has come a long way since my very first post back in January 2017.

I have learned so much about blogging and making money online since then that it truly amazes me.

If you have been with me since the beginning, you will recall that I started Personal Finance Junkie as a way to track my journey out of six figure student loan debt.

I began publishing my student loan updates (which is VERY uncomfortable by the way) for accountability.

I also started talking about all of the things I’m doing to earn more money to pay off my student loans such as starting a blog, selling t-shirts and selling books on Amazon.

I enjoyed my first year blogging and I look forward to learning a lot more and helping tons of people budget, get out of debt, earn more money and discover financial freedom in 2018!

Most Popular Posts In 2017

You can find a list of all posts on my archives page.

Here are the most popular Personal Finance Junkie articles from 2017:

Things I’ve Learned This Year

Like I said earlier, 2017 was a year of learning and growing for me. I started the year with the intention of heavily marketing my first book, Financial Fitness while writing my next book, 101 Money Questions For Couples.

Soon after the year started I broke up with my ex which ended up being a great decision because it freed up a lot of time and energy to try out blogging and a few other money making ideas that I have been wanting to try for YEARS.

Right after the breakup, I knew that I would put my book on the backburner to see if I had what it takes to blog…then Personal Finance Junkie was born.

My Blogging Epiphany

When I first started the blog, I didn’t know what I was doing AT ALL. My only goal was to publish a post once a week, every Monday, for 52 weeks straight.

Although I knew that I wanted to make money with the blog (eventually), I had no clue how to make that happen.

Towards the end of the year I won a scholarship to attend a conference in Dallas, Texas (FinCon). After returning home from that conference is when I decided I needed to get serious about LEARNING how to make money blogging.

I Learned How To Make Money Blogging

When I wanted to learn how to write and publish books for passive income I took a self-publishing course.

I had great success with that course and went on a publish, a book that hit #1 in several categories on Amazon so naturally I would look to courses again to learn how to blog.

So far, I have completed the following courses:

  • Pro Blogger Bundle by Create and Go – 4 in 1 course deal for beginning to intermediate bloggers.

  • Pinteresting Strategies by Carly Campbell – The Pro Blogger Bundle also includes a really good Pinterest course that taught me a lot. I use a combination of Carly’s method and the Pinterest Traffic Avalanche (included in the Pro Blogger Bundle) from Create and Go.

All of these courses have helped me to set a good foundation for the blog, boost my blog traffic and start making some affiliate income.

The best part is I got all four courses COMBINED for under my budget of $1,000.

If you want to start a blog this year then I suggest you set up a web hosting account with BLUEHOST RIGHT AWAY – you can do this in under 15 minutes for less than $4/mth.

That is all I did to get started and I have been learning as I go.

The video below shows you how to get started.

Best Blogging Books I’ve Read This Year

Blog Goals For 2018

  • Increase blog traffic to 50,000+ Pageviews/month
  • Earn $2,000/month extra income online
  • Post twice a week (last year my goal was once a week)

Personal & Financial Goals For 2018

  • Continue to declutter and work towards minimal living
  • Start a daily mediation practice
  • Reduce student loan debt by $30,000

Other Favorite Things From 2017

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