9 Best Personal Finance Books

Here are 9 of the best personal finance books that I have come across during my personal finance journey. Each of these books have served as an essential piece that was needed in my personal finance education. They have all profoundly influenced me in one… Read More »

4 Books To Jump-Start Your Debt Management Plan

Whether you are in the beginning stages of crafting your debt management plan or if you are in full debt annihilation mode, these 4 books can teach you how to get out of debt and stay out of debt the right way! All of these… Read More »

4 Books To Earn More Money!

Earning more money is only one part of your personal finance journey. However, if you are in the beginning stages of improving your relationship with money then earning more money can feel like the MOST critical part of your journey (besides your debt-elimination plan). These are four books… Read More »

Happiness…In 100 Words

How to be happy? This question can be answered in two words: HELP OTHERS. Yes your life is hard, you can’t catch a break, you don’t have everything you want, your children are disappointing, your boss hates you and is the most annoying person you’ve… Read More »

Minimalism…In 100 Words

Who ever heard of striving for BELOW average? Aiming for SUB par? Looking forward to LESS than? Am I crazy or isn’t bigger still better and more still merrier? So, how can minimalism be positive or good for me when it is an intentional pursuit… Read More »

How My Personal Finance Journey Began

It all started a little over a decade ago. I walked into a car dealership on a sunny day in California excited to purchase my first car. I had an eight hundred dollar check in my Guess purse for the down-payment. After a couple hours of… Read More »

Another Personal Finance Blog

I’ve wanted to write a personal finance blog for a really long time. Personal finance is my passion; some might even say it is my obsession. I think I actually created two blogs at different points in my life and then never followed through on… Read More »