Sound The Bell School’s Out + A Really Cool Giveaway!

I love this time of the year! In my line of work (education) the month of June is like that final sprint across the finish line after a long, hard race (not that I’ve ever ran long…or hard). Let me rephrase, I imagine people who… Read More »

Six. Freakin’. Figures! [$130,782]

Can I just say that I HATE my student loan debt!? It’s just so freakin’ much!!! Six figure student loan debt is just beyond ridiculous right? First off, six figure debt is a crazy amount to contend with. Second, it is also a really embarrassing… Read More »

Accomplish This One Goal To Reach Financial Freedom

Not many people know this about me but I’m the type of person who can get overwhelmed very easily. People who know me well often compliment me on my ability to stay calm and rational even in the most stressful situations so when I tell… Read More »

Money Habits That Make A Difference: 7 Views

You know you need to break your bad money habits. But why? Here’s the truth, you are the sum of your habits. It is important to break bad money habits because every poor financial decision you make today will slowly and quietly snowball until one day… Read More »

A Radical Way To Stay Motivated On Your PF Journey

So you want to win with money. You know what to do and how to do it yet you can’t seem to gain enough momentum to see any real results. Or you’ve experienced some success but it’s always fleeting. You feel like you are fighting… Read More »

3 Valuable Life-Lessons I Learned From Writing A Book

Eleven years ago I created a dream board as part of a lesson I was doing in my 6th grade classroom. I wanted to teach my students about success principles including goal-setting, visualization and perseverance. Part of the lesson required my students to create their… Read More »

How To Get Out Of Debt In 7 Simple Steps

Want to learn how to get out of debt…and STAY out of debt!? I share the 7 keys that I used to finally beat consumer debt (after failing several times) once and for all! 1. Pledge To Stop Borrowing Money. This is the first and… Read More »

5 Books For Better Money Habits

I’m all about mindset, goal-setting, and using success principles to improve your personal finances. A huge part of improving finances is to cultivate better money habits. These are the exact books that I frequently refer to when I need to “get my mind right”.  These books will… Read More »