Think. Plan. Succeed! I truly believe we can all accomplish anything we set our sights on. I believe the first step in accomplishing any goal is to think about what you want. Next you have a develop a plan and execute that plan with persistence and gusto. If you do those first two things then success is sure to follow!  I make it sound easy don’t I? Well, I know it’s not easy…but it is simple!

Below you will find the list of things that I currently have my sights set on. I have developed a plan to reach each of these goals and I will share my progress on this blog. As my goals change I will update them right here.

Financial Goals:

  1. Eliminate all consumer debt (i.e. credit cards, car loans, personal loans) by January 2017
  2. Rebuild my $10k emergency fund by December 2017.
  3. Pay off student loan #1 ($10,059.88) by August 2018.
  4. Pay off remaining student loan debt ($120,722.12) by June 2022 #debtfree2022.

Personal Goals:

  1. Develop my perfect morning routine.
  2. Write and publish my 1st personal finance book.
  3. Write and publish my 2nd personal finance book by October 2017.
  4. Complete a 10-day Green Smoothie Cleanse by December 2017.
  5. Write and publish my 3rd personal finance book by January 2018. 
  6. Make an additional $1,000/month passive income by December 2018.
  7. Complete a 10-day Vipassana meditation course by December 2018. 
  8. Help 1,000 people learn how to build better money habits.

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