Fast And Easy Way To Check Your FIRE Prowess

A couple of months ago, The Green Swan shared a new concept that allows Personal Finance Junkies like you and I to measure our progress towards FIRE (Financial Independence / Retire Early), the Swan FIRE Prowess Gauge. Although I don’t talk a lot about early… Read More »

Sound The Bell School’s Out + A Really Cool Giveaway!

I love this time of the year! In my line of work (education) the month of June is like that final sprint across the finish line after a long, hard race (not that I’ve ever ran long…or hard). Let me rephrase, I imagine people who… Read More »

Six. Freakin’. Figures! [$130,782]

Can I just say that I HATE my student loan debt!? It’s just so freakin’ much!!! Six figure student loan debt is just beyond ridiculous right? First off, six figure debt is a crazy amount to contend with. Second, it is also a really embarrassing… Read More »

Accomplish This One Goal To Reach Financial Freedom

Not many people know this about me but I’m the type of person who can get overwhelmed very easily. People who know me well often compliment me on my ability to stay calm and rational even in the most stressful situations so when I tell… Read More »

3 Valuable Life-Lessons I Learned From Writing A Book

Eleven years ago I created a dream board as part of a lesson I was doing in my 6th grade classroom. I wanted to teach my students about success principles including goal-setting, visualization and perseverance. Part of the lesson required my students to create their… Read More »

Reason. Season. Lifetime?

People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. Not knowing this fact is how some of us get stuck in a toxic relationship that leaves us wondering how did I get myself in this situation? When a person is in your life… Read More »

How My Personal Finance Journey Began

It all started a little over a decade ago. I walked into a car dealership on a sunny day in California excited to purchase my first car. I had an eight hundred dollar check in my Guess purse for the down-payment. After a couple hours of… Read More »

Another Personal Finance Blog

I’ve wanted to write a personal finance blog for a really long time. Personal finance is my passion; some might even say it is my obsession. I think I actually created two blogs at different points in my life and then never followed through on… Read More »