Slowly. But. Surely. [$129,154]

Staying motivated while getting out of massive debt can be a challenge. There are three things that can always get me pumped about paying off my student loans and increasing my net-worth. In no particular order they are: (1) Reading about how other people have… Read More »

Something’s. Gotta. Give! [$130,053]

Having six figure debt can be really depressing. The thing is you pay and pay and pay only to see microscopic decreases in your total balance. That is why when you have as much student loan debt as I do you have to trick yourself… Read More »

Six. Freakin’. Figures! [$130,782]

Can I just say that I HATE my student loan debt!? It’s just so freakin’ much!!! Six figure student loan debt is just beyond ridiculous right? First off, six figure debt is a crazy amount to contend with. Second, it is also a really embarrassing… Read More »