Attract More Money With A Red Wallet?

Attract more money by using a red wallet? Works for me! Being an avid reader I stumble across random but useful advice very often.

In fact, one of my many talents is reciting impressive facts that nearly no one cares about.

Twelve years ago I stumbled upon a gem of an article that I credit for helping me to attract tens of thousands of dollars over the years.

The article was about the benefits of owning and carrying your money in a red wallet.

As soon as I finished reading the red wallet article I hurried to the mall to pick up my first red wallet.

I think it was a Fossil wallet and I purchased it from Macy’s. The months following my purchase there was a noticeable uptick in my #moneyluck.

I soon began to find small amounts of lost money on the ground, in the car and around the house.

The most exciting (and largest) gain I received is when I was notified that I would be getting a class action lawsuit settlement in the amount of approximately $11,000…I thought to myself HOLY RED WALLET!!!

Needless to say…I’ve been carrying a red wallet ever since! Twelve years later, I still consider myself one of the luckiest people I know when it comes to money (and parking spaces…but that’s another topic).

I never completely understood why the red wallet works so well. Is it the magic of feng shui? Or is it the fact that I wholeheartedly expect to attract more money by carrying a red wallet?

I know that I probably shouldn’t care why it works as long as my red wallet continues to make it rain dollars and cents on me but I’m curious by nature so I decided to do a little more research and hopefully by sharing what I found here you can begin to increase your #moneyluck as well.

I will boil my research down to a simple list of do’s and don’ts when it comes to “housing” your money for maximum money attraction.


  • Keep your wallet neat and clean at ALL times…avoid storing any receipts, expired membership cards and other trash in your wallet
  • Place your bills neatly in your wallet so that they face the same direction and are in numerical order
  • Respect your wallet by storing it in a decent place…never place your wallet on the ground, floor or toilet
  • Replace your wallet when it becomes old (even if it is your favorite)…new wallet = renewed luck
  • Carry a red wallet…look carefully for, acknowledge and express gratitude for any changes in your #moneyluck. In Feng Shui, red wallets are believed to boost wealth, provide good luck, and provide protection
  • Keep money in your wallet at all times…money attracts money


  • Do not overly stuff your wallet…always leave room for more money!
  • Do not let others borrow your wallet or use second hand wallets…you want to keep the energy as pure as possible
  • Do not select an oddly shaped wallet…you want to have a red wallet that is long enough so that you do not need to fold your bills



Red Wallet Samples

  1. Fossil Wallet $38.25
  2. Kate Spade Wallet $80.00
  3. Kate Spade Be Mine Wallet $178.00
  4. Dooney & Burke Wallet $118.50

What do you think about the idea of carrying a red wallet? Do you believe the color of your wallet can affect your cash flow? Let me know in the comments. 

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