Hi, I’m Dr. Vi and I am the founder and writer of PersonalFinanceJunkie.com. I started this blog to share my goals and journey as I tackle six-figure student loan debt, increase my net worth and achieve financial freedom.

My personal finance journey began in 2004 when I learned my first lesson about credit at a car dealership. Once I got started learning about credit, debt and smart money management strategies I was hooked!

Since 2004 I’ve consumed no less than 10,000 personal finance books, blog posts and Podcast episodes. Might that make me an expert in the subject? Probably not but I won’t let that stop me from sharing what I’ve learned!

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You can find personal finance books that I’ve published on my Amazon Author page.

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Here is a massive list of some of my favorite blogs: http://directory.rockstarfinance.com.

pfjunkie.comWhat Is A Personal Finance Junkie (PFJ)?

A person who does 5 or more of the following might be a PFJ:

  1. Reads 3 or more personal finance blogs regularly.
  1. Listens to personal finance related Podcasts.
  1. Has read (and can name off the top of their heads) at least 7 personal finance books.
  1. Lives on a monthly written budget and believes everyone else should too.
  1. Uses spreadsheets and/or personal finance software regularly to track their money.
  1. Knows their net worth (and is borderline obsessed with increasing it).
  1. Religiously seeks side hustle opportunities for the sole purpose of improving ones’ financial outlook.
  1. Follows 10 or more personal finance “gurus” on social media.
  1. Quotes Dave Ramsey like the Bible (my favorite). Lol
  1. Can define the terms “financial freedom” and “financial independence” (gets bonus points for providing a logical, coherent explanation of the difference between the two).
  1. Is working towards or has considered early retirement.


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